How Thanksgiving Is Fast Approaching Essay

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Every year, my family and I sit around the table, thankful and grateful of our current situation. We live in a nice, cozy house and this year, our family is hosting a feast with our relatives. There will be a on a whole array of festive food- creamy mashed potatoes with gravy, buttery corn roasted to perfection with a side of flakey biscuits and candied yam. Of course, I can’t forget about the turkey and stuffing; Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same for us without it. The whole house will be decorated, and all the children will put on their fancy clothes. I can almost hear the faint sound of Charlie Brown coming from the TV in the background. We have it good, but the same cannot be said for the Indigenous people. To me, it’s a holiday where I can spend time with my family. To them, it’s a yearly, painful reminder of the genocide of their people. This year will not be any different for them. This Thanksgiving, they will be sitting out in the freezing cold, protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline to protect their land and the land of millions of people.
The Dakota Access Pipeline will cause devastating effects for the Indigenous Peoples. While the economic outputs of the pipeline will benefit the local government, the environmental effects and cultural devastation far outweigh the financial inputs. The systemic racism Native Americans face greatly affects them to this day. The fact that they are Native American plays a significant role in
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