How The 7 Elements Of Marketing Mix, Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, And International Marketing

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This report is about, how a company such as Jaguar markets its products. Also, how the 7 elements of marketing mix, segmentation, targeting, positioning and international marketing contributes to selling products. In 1922, founders William Lyons and William Walmsley started a company called the Swallow Sidecar Company where they produced motorcycle. The company’s first automobile was built in 1932. In1945, it was named Jaguar. Jaguar mainly specializes in the production of premium saloons, coupe and sport cars. According to Jaguar, It is a global company with the largest investment in automotive research, development and engineering in the UK. According to Jaguar, over 80% of the cars manufactured are exported globally to over 100 markets worldwide. Also, the company has over 23,000 employees working in its design, engineering facilities and manufacturing plants. According to Jaguar (2014) over 40, 000 cars were sold with a total revenue of £19,386 million.

Marketing is the idea or product sold to a target audience in a particular way to let the potential customers know how the product satisfies the customer’s needs (Brenner, 2012). According to Surridge & Andrew (2004) marketing is beneficial to both the firm and the consumer as both sides gain from the exchange. This is usually in form profit for firms looking to make profit and the consumers getting the products that satisfy the consumers’ needs. Firms have to…
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