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I’m going to try and start right from the beginning here. When we think of data communication nowadays, we think of digital information. We live in a world where technology is so abundant, that we couldn’t possibly imagine what life would be like without it. I’m not talking about having to write letters, or use the telephone exchange, I’m talking about the beginning. Before there was data communication, there was simply communication. So much about our evolution is unknown, that we can’t simply piece together the entire history of communication, but we as humans today do have a brief understanding of how our species learnt to communicate, and how this has shaped our world today. One of the first methods of communication (besides verbal) was paintings. Painting (or drawing in general) is one of the earliest methods of communication, and is still very prominent to this day. The act of turning thoughts or ideas into a physical representation develops in humans at a very young age, and is the main form of communication used by babies up until they can speak. In my person opinion, painting isn’t a the best form of communication today, as writing is far easier to understand. Painting is useful if you wish to convey your ideas through the use of metaphors, but the practicality of using it today as a direct method of communication is limited. The next big advancement in communication was the development of writing. Writing was developed in two stages. The first forms of writing were
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