How The App Can Be Continuously Improved And Evolve

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Deployment As our app is designed to be cross-platform, we can build our app for different platforms, for instance Android and Apple. We can then deploy the app to either the Google Play Store or the App Store respectively. Even while testing, a version of the app can be first uploaded to Android devices and run on it to check how the app would perform on different devices. This allows us to check how the app looks on different resolution and the different versions of Android that may be present on phones from different manufacturers. Operation In a way, the app can be considered as a long term beta-version app. Once the app is deployed, it will be downloaded by relevant users. With their feedback, the app will be continuously improved…show more content…
According to a apps analytics firm,Flurry, over 80% of mobile time is spent on apps rather that the website browser and native operation system (Android or IOS). Thus, making a simple apps for different varieties is the trend for each developer. We are working on building a new fitness apps for both trainer and trainee in order to release their burden and maximise their performance outcome. Agile software development clearly illustrates the whole process of building a new software, where a graph can be shown below. Our development process is based on the agile cycle and we would like to point out the challenges that we encountered in each part and we will try to explain our technical solution regarding to each difficulty. Problem 1: Creating Apps for two different major smartphone operating systems Android and IOS are the most popular operating systems nowadays. Both systems have their unique features which beneficial to users and apps developer. Unfortunately , they are completely different programming style so that one code will not be able to be satisfied for both operating systems. This meant we needed to make two versions of the same application, most developers were only opting either for Android or IOS, which lead to the increase of developing time and difficulties. Solution: Using mobile apps frameworks can solved this problem in a very efficient way.
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