How The Apple Company Towards The Achievement Of Its Goals

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Introduction: Before entering into the topic of this paper, envision the structure of a company. We will realize that even though each one in the company is working in different sectors, they are also contributing for the achievement of the same goal. Considering the fact that a discourse community is a group of people that share the same goal, probably we are able to assume that a company worth its salt can be considered a discourse community. In fact, while creating a company the founders must think about the best structure that will bring outcomes as soon as possible; to rephrase it, a company must devise an organization that will lead to the achievement of its goals. In this paper, I will discuss the aspects that prompt the Apple Company towards the achievement of its goals. Currently, I think that most of people at least once in their live have heard about the Apple Company. After all, the Apple Company was one of the pioneers in the smartphones and computers’ markets. The Apple Company came up with innovative techniques that completely changed the people’s perception towards technology. All started in 1976 when Steve Jobs and his partner presented the first computer – Apple 1- at a convention in Palo Alto (Terrell). However, its success must be attributed not only for the creators, but also for the employees of the company; because the internal structure of a company that shapes the image of a company. In addition, the companies rely on their employees to help them

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