How The B2b Lead Generation Report

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The 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report found that “generating high quality leads is still the top issue for 59 percent of marketers.”

Identifying qualified prospects is an ongoing responsibility for companies. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Most B2B purchases involve large sums of money, multiple decision makers and several months. Because the stakes are so high for your customers, it’s important to build trustworthy relationships and to create a streamlined sales process.

The B2B industry also has an undesirable reputation of not embracing innovation. So, as marketers, it’s time to change that perspective.

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1. Set Data-Driven Objectives
If prospects are constantly uninterested in your services, you may be targeting the wrong businesses. Gather the right data to develop targeted buyer personas.

“By conducting thorough market research based on your existing customers, you’ll be able to understand the true value of your product, but also your customer’s situation,” says Maxim Baeten, inbound marketer at Showpad.

“You can uncover key criteria and specific business needs that are important for your marketing.”

For personas to actually work, focus on helping buyers achieve their goals. When talking to prospects, stay away from questions that only fit your product’s benefits and features.

Gain intel from buyers via their interactions with your sales and customer
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