How The Bank Organization Affect The Implementation Of Computer Networks

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a. Explain how the bank organization could be benefited due to the implementation of computer networks and how the resources could be utilized in an efficient manner with the computer network  The Benefits of having computers networks for organisation are: • Users can access their files from any network. Within the network covered, expensive devices such as laser printers or scanners can be shared. • The software and resources within the area of networks can be well organized and centrally managed. • Files can be shared on a central computer allowing data to be shared throughout an organization. • Important files and data can be backed up more easily when they are scattered across a number of independent workstations and saved on a…show more content…
This is all connected together in a network in order to deliver a very well Service. Therefore, topologies of network are defined as the schemes of joining a number of computers in the form of network. Two or more computers and devices are connected together to link for a data communication. The topology of network is considered as the geometric representation of the relationship of all the links and nodes (communication devices) to one another. The network topologies are classified into two categories: i. Bus topology ii. Ring topology iii. Star topology i. Bus topology In this type of network, all nodes are connected to the common communication medium or central cable. The central physical cable that connects nodes is known as bus. This type of topology used the multipoint connection and the central single cable acts as a backbone to link all the devices to the network. The advantages of bus topology are: • It is easy to install and maintain and it is less expensive. • The nodes are not affected if one node is failed. • The network is not affected if nodes is added and removed from the network. The disadvantages of bus topology are: • I t promotes and support only a small number of nodes. • The entire networks fail if there is any problem with central cable. ii. Ring topology: In this type of networking, each node has a dedicated point-to- point connection only with the
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