How The Bedroom Is The Most Important Aspect Of A Relationship

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While what goes on in the bedroom isn 't the most important aspect of a relationship, it 's still pretty darn important. Keeping it spicy in the bedroom can help a couple stay better connected in other rooms throughout the house as well. Fortunately, this isn 't hard to do, there are many ways to spice up the bedroom. A healthy, intimate relationship makes a great foundation to build upon. It 's also a lot of fun. Read on and learn how to keep it hot, sexy, and fun.

Turn the bedroom into an oasis

Make the bedroom a stress free zone. Turn it into a place where you and your partner feel good. Make it a no-electronics zone. People these days are so connected to the outside world that force of habit may make one check their cell phone when all of their attention should be on their partner. Light candles, use luxurious sheets, go all out to make this room a romantic place. It 's kind of hard to feel sexy when there are toys on the bed, clutter on the floor, and reminders of bills, and other unpleasant things strewn around. Keep that stuff in other areas of the house. The bedroom should be a couple 's happy place.

Let go

Let preconceived ideas go. As two consenting adults, it 's perfectly fine to try new things. If your partner wants to try something and you 're not so sure about it, as long as it 's safe, give it a try,or at least agree to think about it. Discuss your fantasies. Some may not be feasible, or something that you even really want to do, but talking about them…
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