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How to select the best Portable music player Introduction Over the decade, the electronic industry dealing with portable systems has seen an extensive growth (Şener, S., & Sarıdoğan, E. 2011) ; the mass production and mass consumption of such portable products, be it the Play Station Portable or the Alienware range of portable gaming laptops, has led to technological advancements escalating tenfold every few years (Luo, J., Olechowski, A. L., & Magee, C. L. , 2014). Most people have transformed themselves into tech savvy animals who quench their thirst with the next best product on the market (Swinyard, W. R. and Smith, S. M., 2003). Assuming you are one among them, and want to determine how to select the best portable music player, read on! Generally, at some point of our lives, we see ourselves gazing at the prominent range of portable music players, regardless of whether we use it indoors or outdoors, for partying or relaxing. Considering that music is a part of everyday life, and owning a portable music player certainly improves that ordeal (Jeremy J., p20, 2015) and with the advancement in battery technology and also Bluetooth technology, we can investigate the impulse of selecting a portable player. In general, a portable music player allows us to connect it to a source and play music. Basically, a portable music player consists of a battery, a couple of speakers, input ports, feedback keys or screen, etc.(Yun J., 2002). We will analyse these distinct features of a

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