How The Black Death Influenced Life

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Explain how the Black Death influenced life in Europe
The Black Death had a significant negative effect on both the economy of Europe and the Catholic Church during and after it 's prime, proving to ruin the lives of many both directly and indirectly subject to the plague. However, it can be argued that the Black Death prompted a restructure in feudalism, increasing equality in society. The Bubonic Plague became prominent in 1347 AD, tearing through the lives of many throughout Europe. A major financial shift in the fourteenth century saw millions living in poverty. The Catholic Church was shunned because it had no power over the plague, and therefore lost much of its influence on society. However, lower class citizens were able to stand up to the rich, resulting in the breakdown of feudalism.

The plague was detrimental to the economy of Europe, leaving much of the population to live in poverty. Europe ended up losing millions of innocent, transforming it into a state of financial disaster. In the space of three years (1347-1350) the plague had wiped out an estimated 30-60% of the population, leaving countless problems for the remaining people. Historian Mia Braginsky argues that the most terrible epidemic of all time prompted a complex economic pattern involving massive inflation of products and especially of food. "One of the immediate effects of the Black Death was several different changes that occurred in the prices of grain and other foods... However, this was a…
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