How The Body Systems Work Together

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Franklin Reinders Mr. Warner Health 1 September 2015 How the Body Systems Work Together Skeletal and Muscular system The skeletal system is the framework for the body and also protects the organs. Muscles have to contract and work together with bones in order to move the body. The bones and muscles together provide posture and joint stability for the whole body. Nervous and Integumentary system The integumentary system is the skin. It controls temperature, protects, and defends the body. The two nervous systems, central and peripheral, send messages and instructions to the rest of the body. The skin also responds to touch, pain, and pressure, which results in sending messages to and from the brain through the nervous system. Nervous and Skeletal system The skeletal system is made of bones that provide calcium which is vital for the nervous system to function. The brain, major organ of the nervous system, is protected by the skull. Also, the vertebrae in your back protects the spinal cord. Nervous and Muscular system Neurotransmitters in muscles give the brain information about the position of the body and its movement. The brain controls the muscles and how and when they contract. Without the nervous system, the muscular system would not be able to function at all. Nervous and Digestive system The brain is in charge of eating and drinking behavior. The digestive system sends messages to the brain that tells it how fast it needs to digest. The nervous system also
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