How The Body Works Is Incredibly Complex

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The way our body works is incredibly complex, but a wonderful thing that we are given. Without everything working it would be hard to do simple tasks. When certain things do shut down or stop working properly it can ruin a life. The littlest of organs can have an enormous effect on the body which it did on me. The thyroid a small organ on the front of your neck gave me some serious problems for about 2 years. From little things like sleep, appetite, and headaches it quickly scaled to many more major things like heart palpations and severe dehydration. It may seem like something very useless in the body, but I will never forget what it caused, and how hard it was to overcome it. That little organ did way more than it probably knew it could do which was giving me a completely different outlook of life itself.
“How could one simple thing do that to my entire body.” I would ask later on when I finally figured out who the culprit of my sickness was. That thyroid caused many problems around the ages of 14 – 16. The first sign of this takes me back all the way to eighth grade where I was just incredibly tired. I felt absolutely horrible physically I couldn’t get out of bed, and it was hard to do some simple tasks like walking. I would be out of school for two days when my mother who thought it was the flu that was affecting eventually made an appointment for the doctor to get whatever was causing me to be this sick figured out, so I could be back to shape. My mother and I went to
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