How The Building Is The Largest Stage That Impacts Environment During The Life Cycle

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Use phase of the building is the largest stage that impacts environment during the life cycle, so require more attention in the field of energy saving of building. In the initial design stage of buildings, through LCA can help design decisions, such as the appropriate use of zero energy building techniques. To quantitatively assess the energy consumption and environmental impact among all above stages, LCA is undoubtedly the best choice that can full evaluate the impacts during extraction of raw materials, material creation, sale, maintenance, disposal or recycling, also global warming, air pollution, water pollution and other index. Thereby more effectively improving environmental performance is to achieve green building. LCA will provide…show more content…
Help to improve the quality and efficiency of the environmental protection, improving the quality of human life. Strengthening the application of product eco-design in practice which can really begin to prevent pollution from source and build new products and consumption system. 2. Can enhance cooperation with other existing environmental management tools in order to serve better protection of the environment. 3. Help industrial enterprises to gain a triple win of production, environmental protecting and economic benefit. Industrial enterprises’ application LCA theory can benefit from 4 parts: First, the ecological identification and diagnostic of product system; Second, Environmental evaluation and comparison; Third, eco-design and new product development; Fourth, recycling process design. As the one following LCA, Novelis enterprise has their goal As a result, we have set an ambitious goal of using 80% recycled aluminum by 2020, and life cycle thinking will be essential for us to achieve this (Prichet). Eco-materials "also known as" environmentally conscious material ", it is to give material with excellent environmental compatibility or direct those materials with clean and repair the environment and other functions. Its essence is resource and energy consumption, small impact on the ecological environment, you can use recycled or degraded, and has excellent performance of the material. Supplies materials are important members of the family, towers, on the
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