How The Causes Of English Collonization In North America?

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In the late 1500s, the English had taken part in the colonial race to the New World, in search of the promised "property and wealth." On the east coast of North America, Englishmen unsuccessful attempted to colonize what they believed were uninhabited lands. The assumption of the land being unclaimed, created conflicts with neighboring tribes, like the Croatans and the lost colony of Roanoke, Virgina, wherein 1587, settlers aspired to set on the island of Roanoke, finding this was no place to colonize when the unpunctual supply ship arrived at an abandoned colony with only the "… word 'Croatan' inscribed on a post." The misfortunes resulted in a hesitation to colonize the New World, shortly after, in the early 1600s, England began to form stable colonies due to "… the Protestant Reformation, the defeat of the Spanish Armanda, and the changes in the English economy." Analogous to the Spanish expansion and mindset of superiority over the Native Americans, English colonist invaded Native territory, claiming it as their "righteous own," continuously fueling the Natives with rage. On account of English colonists' arrogance, the significant differences in cultural morals between the earthy Native Americans and the Christian English brought a narrow perception of "entitlement" to colonists, who believed their spiritual practices were "sinful" and "needed to be educated on the 'true' God." The divergent practices of Native Americans, who understood their spiritual world was linked

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