How The Changes Affect The Managers And Working Team Of The Company

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INTRODUCTION: In Present scenario, the nature of work has been changed so much as compare to nature of work in 19th century and this nature is continuously changing with the advancement of technology. This article explores some key points of what changes have been occurred in workplace and how these changes affect the managers and working team of the company. And what other change we expect in the coming years. Following are the few key points of changes in work place: 1) Improving Efficiency and Productivity: With the use of new technologies, efficiency of doing work has been improved.The number of workers has been decreased in the work place with the introduction of machines. Like in Tesla Motors Company of USA, maximum work of making cars from raw material to finishing has been done with the help of robots. Tesla has robots of all sizes from tiny to huge one. Robots are more efficient and productive because they do work with less mistakes and less time. 2) Change in Speed of work: Introduction of new machines and technologies also enhance the speed of doing work. The work which takes number of hours to complete, now it can be completed in few minutes or in few seconds (Burke and Ng) for example in BMW manufacturing, Robots do Painting in just few seconds, they produce 1000 finished BMW’s a day at Munich and in Tesla Motors Robots complete finishing of one part in only 6 seconds which require more time if I do it with our hands. So the technology has increased the
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