How The Chronic Pain Is A Common Medical Complaint Among Long Term Care

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Previous research has indicated that the chronic pain is a common medical complaint among long-term care residents, which is often under-diagnosed and undertreated or inadequately treated. Natan, Ataneli, Admenko and Noy (2013) concluded the need of pain assessment training focusing on positive attitudes towards older adults as part of pre service-nursing career. The purpose of this descriptive correlational study was to identify factors predicting nurses’ performance of pain assessment among older long-term care residents and to examine variables associated with ageist attitude. Study was conducted among 104 nurses of long term care facility. Multiple linear regression analysis was done to examine the association between the variables.…show more content…
Study mentioned more than once that the study used hierarchical linear regression model. However, to be a hierarchical model there should be the multilevel of observations or completely nested level. Considering the explanation on the article and looking at the analysis this is not actually a hierarchical regression model instead it is only a multiple regression model.

A multiple regression analysis builds on a theory that describes the variables to be included in the study. For instance, different literature and theory as pointed by the article supported that in order to achieve quality treatment of pain among older adults, it is necessary to perform comprehensive pain assessments and nurses have a professional responsibility of this. This theory would lead one to add a variable or variables to the model. For identifying dependent variable, the variable to be explained should be the appropriate variable for analyzing the question at issue. In this study researchers’ concern is associated with pain assessment performance of nurses. They constructed an instrument to measure
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