How The Chruch 's Treatment Of Heresy And Heretics

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During the medieval period, the Catholic faith was one of the largest practiced religions, if not the largest. When one can encompass the wide range of power and influence, as the Church had done, it can eventually become difficult to maintain absolute control. That was the case for the Catholic Church as it dealt with heresy and heretics, as is evident in the readings from Michael Goodich, and Robert Ian Moore. In this essay, I will discuss how the Chruch’s treatment of heresy, and treatment towards the heretics, was a means for them maintain control and power within the Church. The Church attained a large amount of power and wide range of influence during the medieval period. To the Church, heresy was a threat to the power and control they had obtained. In order for the Church to have maintained that control, a plethora of actions were taken to ensure that heretics could be rooted out. In the reading from Goodich, various steps had been taken to ensure that the heretics were dealt with. For example, the reading states, “We have decided that all property of those who are heretics or will be in the future is to be confiscated and occupied.” Forcibly extracting the heretics from their property, the Church could effectively displace them, since without having any land they could not attain much power. Furthermore, the Church would then occupy the property it confiscated from the heretics. By doing this, it allowed the Church to obtain even more land, which in turn would

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