How The Church Has Been Neglected By The Community Essay

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Within the African-American community, Christianity has manifest itself to be one of the cornerstones of the community. Surprisingly enough however, the church was introduced to African-Americans as a means of trying to control the thoughts and actions of the slaves. When analyzing the church in its modern state, it would be hard to come to this realization. Since its humble beginnings, many African-Americans have come to adopt the Christian faith as their own. Even as slaves, African-Americans began starting their own churches to allow them to worship how they wanted. Churches such as Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church (GMPMBC) (which has been a part of the local community since 1939) are prime examples of how the church has grown to become an integral part of the African-American community. This paper will analyze the history of GMPMBC and discuss how it is overlooked in mainstream society. From there, it will transition in to discussing how the church has been neglected by the community it serves. In several resource finding Greater Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church have similar characteristic in today American religious history. GMPMBC has four view point as referral to Black Church like Contribution to black people, The Christian faith, Reflect why this church was selected and What are the spiritual implications of this omission to black life and well-begin. This paper will analyze GMPMBC from different resource with the viewpoints as
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