Essay on How The Cold War Helped America

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The Cold War was a war that spanned from the end of WWII in 1945 until 1991 when communism influenced by the Soviet Union collapsed. The casualties and losses of the Vietnam and Korean wars, the two major wars fought indirectly between United States and the Soviet Union during the course of the Cold War, would seem like a disaster for both world superpowers. But in fact it was not. The Cold war brought a period of extreme consuming by the United States especially in the nuclear arms race in order to improve the technologies that helped further evolve the power and influence that could be used with United States technology. Over time, these technologies could be shifted more into our daily lives into electronic chips that can be used in…show more content…
Because of the sheer size of these pacts they would lead to negative and destructive conflicts worldwide such as the Vietnam and Korean Wars. While cultural effects of the Cold War were primarily domestic, political battles between the Soviet Union and the US were mostly fought on an international stage. Politically speaking, the US and Soviet Union were polar opposites at the end of WWII. NATO had 2.6 million troops, 13,000 tanks and 11,000 artillery units. The Warsaw Pact was a little bigger with 4 million troops, 43,000 tanks and 32,000 artillery units. As you can see from appendix A, NATO was made up of mostly countries in Western Europe, while the countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact were situated in Eastern Europe and under the influence of Soviet communism. Even with these large armies at disposal the Cold War became more of a propaganda war than a military war due to the antagonist values between the US representing democracy and the Soviet Union representing communism, as well as the fear to whom would strike first. The speed of technological development during the Cold War was unprecedented. Both sides utilized thousands of scientists and spent millions of dollars developing new technologies. With this development came new military weaponry for both sides. For example, both the US and Soviet Union produced vasts amounts of missiles. The US

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