How The Colonization Of The Native Americans In America

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In England, land ownership distinguished one’s status in society. Upon arrival in the New World, Englishmen sought out to acquire land in an attempt to improve their wealth and social class. For Native Americans, land was central to their religious and everyday practices. When the colonists arrived, they viewed the Indians' as primitive and unholy. They believed the Native Americans were incapable of controlling the land. Feeling justified, Englishmen systematically seized great amounts of fertile land by leveraging written word and religion to undermine the Indians into giving up their property. Colonists were disdainful of the native americans, who inhabited large territories. The first interactions between the Natives and the English led men like William Simonds to state, “we found only scattered people, ignorant of knowledge of gold, silver, or any commodities” (46). The Indians were people who the colonists deemed, “idle workers” (48), people who were incapable of maintaining the abundant lands. As a result, many colonists including Sir William Herbert warned: “Colonies degenerate assuredly when the colonists imitate and embrace the habits, customs, and practices of the natives.” (46). The colonists believed that they were deserving of the land because they had the capabilities of exploiting it to its’ fullest potential. They despised the ‘primitive’ ways of the Natives, believing that they had full rights to all Native land. From the first encounters on, the
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