How The Constant Drilling For Oil And Extraction Of Minerals

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Indigenous Beings and Animals: Furthermore, In “Oil Extraction and Indigenous Livelihoods in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon” the article speaks about how the constant drilling for oil and extraction of minerals, constantly penetrates into the lives of indigenous people, undermining their lives and well being. This article proves my point that by the constant need to destroy our planet by extracting oil, the lives of those around it are being affected. Factors such as pollution and contamination as well as deforestation causes the indigenous people to move from their homes, and it affects those that don 't, through diseases and other side effects of the exploitation of oil. In essence, this either means that our society thinks less of the…show more content…
From Wood’s perspective, all lives are equal and if one life is put above another this results in unethical practice. Kantian ethics is about having “rational conception of ourselves which commits us to autonomy, human equality, and cosmopolitan community” (Wood, 177). Therefore, if our society would actually follow Kantian ethics or tried to use its concepts in our actions, humans could potentially live in a more ethical society. A society that would no longer undermine the standard of living of indigenous people and take them into consideration in any actions or plans they make. By doing this, a cosmopolitan society can be reached, where the lives of the indigenous beings are valued, while simultaneously committing us to autonomy, which frees us from the restraints of money. By not being so dependent on oil for income, Ecuador is being freed from having to destroy its land and the affecting the beings that live there. Only with this being said, would we be able to live in an ethical society. Correspondingly, In Alva Juan Jose and Nastenka Calle’s article "Drilling Plans Endanger Yasuní 's Biodiversity”, which revolves around the endangerment of the vast bio-diversity in the area, expresses my concerns on the dangers of oil extraction. In this specific article they speak about how drilling would directly affect those creature that live in the area
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