How The Continental Army Won The War

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Continuity in Learning
With the conclusion of the instructional unit I would have went back and looked at what content needed to be reviewed or re-taught to the students. When looking at the data on the pre-assessment students struggles with questions 8, 9, 10 and 15. On the post-assessment students improved on question 8, 9 and 10 but the number of correct responses stayed the same on question 16 which determined students did not gain additional information needed to answer questions 16. The unit could be expanded to discuss more information on how the Continental Army won the war with the help of allies since these types of questions were missed the most or showed the least amount of improvement. Although students already have an
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A second area that I need to grow in that would increase my instructional effectiveness would be to use more high order questioning throughout my lessons and assessments. Students did well on their post-assessment but I feel student would have been more successful and met all learning goals if I would have asked questions at a higher level to really get them thinking about the content. It was a challenging to create questions and formative assessment questions that were high level with the content being taught. Creating higher order questions with history was a struggle due to the content being mainly memorization of facts but I feel it would have greatly benefited the student to think of it in a different way rather than just remembering what happened.
A resource that can help increase my instructional effectiveness would be to attend a training that will teach how to incorporate more technology into the classroom in a variety of ways. An effective training that would help this professional goal would be to attend a Google training offered in the spring or Teach Meet that is offered during the summer. To help increase my instruction effectiveness on incorporating more higher-level questions into the classroom could be to work with a college to gain knowledge and ideas on how to do so. It would also be effective to attend any trainings that
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