How The Current Status And Future Of The Company

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Introduction Modern technology has necessitated the use of communicating through the social networking site on regular time intervals. Social networking sites have brought the world closer and helped us connect easily. Individuals ensure to commit a minimum of an hour or two over the internet. Social networking sites have helped employers and educational institutions to assess their employees and help them in the hiring process. At the same time, students make use of these sites to stay connected with the university activities. Such dependency is inevitable in the connected communicating world. With time many networking sites have developed with different features. Amongst all these sites the most influential and popular site has been Facebook. The site has seen considerable development and growth over the last decade. The company initiated as a college directory for Harvard University and then expanded over time to include more universities since its inception in 2004. Currently, it stands as a public company which is valued at $2 billion. The paper will critically analyze various aspects of the current status and future of the company. In addition, the paper will focus on the security and privacy policy, competition in the face of global usage, investor’s interests in the company, growth potential and strategy, ways to thwart competition from entering the market (Barnett & Han, 2011). Facebook The inception of the company took place
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