How The Development And Implementation Of The Organizational Strategy Takes Place And How It Became The Worlds Leading Industrial

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Companies all over the world compete to be the top supplier of goods and services. The main factor that determines whether companies will succeed is the state of the economy at the given time. If the economy is in a state of crisis than the consumer is less likely to purchase goods and services from companies in order to save as much money as possible. W.W. Grainger, an industrial supply company, and North America’s leading distributor of maintenance, repair, and operating products and services, strives to find new ways to beat their competitor’s services and prices. In this essay I will be talking about W.W. Grainger’s history and how it became the worlds leading industrial supply company with branches and distribution centers worldwide.…show more content…
Lastly, I will also be talking about how Grainger uses performance evaluation within the company. W.W. Grainger founded by William W. Grainger, started out in 1927 as a wholesale electric motor and distribution business in Chicago, Illinois (W.W.Grainger inc, 2005). William established the company to provide an efficient solution for fulfilling business consumers’ needs. In 1928 the business was incorporated as W.W. Grainger Inc. Sale orders back in the 1920’s were made mostly through mail orders from catalogs or postcards that were given out to customers. To improve sales and customer service William Grainger opened the first Grainger branch in Philadelphia in 1933. By 1936 Grainger had opened a total of 15 branches across the United States (W.W.Grainger inc, 2005). William Grainger knew that by having actual Grainger stores it would increase his total sales and it would build a larger consumer base. In 1967, Grainger became a publicly traded company. Organizational structure and control Since becoming public, Grainger has proven its ability to gain share, expand margins and generate strong cash flow through the economic cycle. The value creation opportunity for shareholders remains attractive given the highly fragmented market with a business model and strategy that speak to customers’ needs. Grainger is well positioned to generate attractive returns to
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