How The Drought Has Gotten So Bad And Discovered That Climate Change

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Three summers ago, my friends and I had an idea to rent out a giant inflatable waterslide to spend the day playing on it. We called Jennifer Bubbles, the place that rents out waterslides, and picked the biggest one. It was this huge inflatable thing that was half a bounce house and half a waterslide. The next summer, we rented out the same one. It wasn’t until last summer, that we had a problem renting it out. We called Jennifer bubbles again and she told us that because of the drought, she was not allowed to rent to anyone because too much water was being used for it. My friends and I were pretty upset, but we ended up just throwing water balloons at each other that summer. I questioned how the drought had gotten so bad and discovered that climate change, also known as global warming, was the cause.
Each year the earth continues to get warmer and warmer, and by the end of the 21st century, average surface temperatures can rise between 35 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many theories as to what causes climate change, but which ones are liable for a warmer earth? Pollution, green house gases, and aerosols in the atmosphere are causes of the increase in the earths temperate, but which has the most effect on climate change or do all three have equal effect?
I took an interest in climate change after reading a few articles about the conspiracy of chem trails. It’s basically the theory of governmental airplanes shooting chemicals into the sky to control the

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