How The Election : How, Why, And What It Means?

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The Election: How, Why, and What it means.
So, about this week. First things first, I got jury duty for Massachusetts, yet I do not live in Massachusetts, I got a pretty good internship offer from a solid company, and I got to visit my friends in the NJ/NY area. A pretty average week except for the fact that there was an election on Tuesday. An election which held the entire country in a state of shock and awe. An election that was not supposed to happen this way. By nearly all accounts, we were supposed to going into Wednesday with our first female president, a Democratic Senate, and legal weed in a lot more areas of the country. We ended up getting only one of those things. Early in the night seemed OK. Clinton was leading early in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. It looked like the polls were right. Trump had a narrow path to victory, and it looked very out of reach. Then, things started to change when Clinton fell behind in Florida. Then Michigan. Polls then started to close in Wisconsin and things did not look good. A final blow came when in Pennsylvania, Clinton’s lead evaporated and Trump edged out a narrow victory. The compounded effect of bad polls and a low turnout among typical Democratic voters was the nail in Hillary Clinton’s political coffin. Clinton had a lot of votes on Tuesday. By all estimates, she will finish the election with hundreds of thousands of votes more than Donald Trump. Typically, that’s enough to win an election in most
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