How The Environment Has A Tremendous Effect On How People Are And How They Behave

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The environment has a tremendous effect on shaping how people are and how they behave. Perceived threats lead to stress which can have a significant negative impact on one’s wellbeing and an overall dissatisfaction with one’s situation. In recent years, the focus in healthcare settings has shifted towards patient centred care. While this movement carries many benefits, it can at times be easy to forget about the challenges that healthcare providers can encounter. Students in particular may face many difficulties as they have to not only tend to their own learning but also at the same time care for patients. This paper aims to review two articles in the literature that analyze key stressors in nursing students. This topic is important as student stressors may lead to shortcomings in learning which in turn will impact future nursing practice and as a result have direct consequences on patient outcomes. The first paper to be reviewed is by A. Alzayyat and E. Al-Gamal and is entitled: A review of the literature regarding stress among nursing students during their clinical education. The paper’s aim is to examine different studies that have looked at the type and degrees of stress found in nursing students in the clinical environment. The article went through four databases including MEDLINE (for its medical, biological and physical science perspective), CINAHL (for the allied health and nursing perspective), PsycINFO (for its psychological perspective), and PubMed (for its…
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