How The Environment Impacted The Political Structure Of One Pre Columbian Society

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APUSH Summer Period 1 Key Concept 1 Identify and briefly explain how the environment impacted the political structure of ONE pre-Columbian Society: Although the Mayans are often thought of as one entire civilization, the Mayans were never united as a single empire. The Mayans lived in separate political states that coexisted with trade and political alliances. Squash, corn, fish and beans are just examples of what trade occurred throughout the empire. In order to grow and produce these crops for trade they needed to master their environment. This involved the use of agricultural techniques like the slash and burn, terrace and raised field farming. Ultimately, the key to maintaining healthy political alliances among themselves was by their mastery of their environment. Identify and briefly explain how the environment impacted the social structure of ONE pre-Columbian Society not mentioned in Part A: The Cahokia Mounds characterized Mississippian culture and environment from around 600 to 1400 CE. They were situated directly across the Mississippi river and were basically large human made earthen mounds. It was these large human made mounds of “packed earth” that impacted the social structure of the eastern woodland peoples in a profound way. These mounds were situated right next to large (around fifty acres) rectangular plazas. Small communities also filled the spaces all around the mounds. Above all the mounds were platforms to perform rituals and were also built to cover
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