How The Environment Played A Key Role On The Completion Of Both Activities

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The environment played a key role in the completion of both activities. According to the OTPH-3 an environment is defined as “External physical and social conditions that surround the client and in which the client’s daily life occupations occur” (AOTA. 2014, pg. S12). The first major inhibitor regarding the physical environment was that fact that the children were not placed in their normal classroom. Due to a recent mold issue, the students of the Wyoming Valley West Middle School were unexpectedly asked to move to the Wyoming Valley West High School. Since neither the students, nor the teachers were used to the classroom, they had a difficult time finding items such as paper towels. Getting a paper towel is something that sounds like a simple task, however when someone does not know their may around the environment they are in, it may become more difficult. Another physical inhibitor of the environment was that it was very tight. The desks were very close together, and it was nearly impossible for anyone to walk by without bumping a student’s desk. Regarding social conditions, there was one major inhibitor: the amount of teachers. While observing the students while they completed their crafts, it was noticeable that there were constantly older adults watching over them. There were at least 12 older adults in the room, compared to 13 children. Whenever one of the aides or teachers would walk by, it was noticeable that the children became very cautious, as if they did not
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