How The Environment Plays A Role

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How The Environment Plays a Role in Learning Destiny Todd Foundations of Online Learning Professor Allison Knox How The Environment Plays a Role in Learning The role the environment plays in learning is crucial to how effective the information taught or displayed will be perceived. Education is a key skill that is necessary for each person to achieve in life which involves school, work, and our community. By actually learning we are able to attain basic comprehension, expand skills and abilities. Whether the environment that we are in is demanding, contentious or relaxed; the smallest thing in our community is important to how we are able to learn new things. The environment that we are in as youngsters and as adults can alter our learning greatly as well as shape our identities ( In spite the fact of that the community around us does play a compelling role in our learning, we do not know how it fully influences us as individuals. It is hard to be convinced that the environment has an impact on each person, this is how we all obtain new experiences. Concerning education, different clarifications have been put forth in the environment of learning is currently prevailing. Humans usually learn by communicating with other human beings by impersonating their behaviors, listening to what they say, in compliance to their “instructions”. Either they can learn incidentally, by interacting with work made by other people. Numerous social variables are
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