How The Era Is Remembered

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Within every decade there are peaks and valleys which define how the era is remembered. Each decade is remembered for different things, such as the 1900’s being remembered for the invention of the airplane and the beginning of silent movies. While the 1950’s remind people of recovering from war, a new symphonic style of music, and the launch of Sputnik 1, it also brings back memories of the Korean War, McCarthyism, and the beginning of decolonization in Asia and Africa. The 60 's are often recalled as being the era that the Cold War heated up along with John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the 70’s as the “hippie” decade. The positive and negative events of each decade leave some more memorable than others, a classic example of this is the 1990’s. When young people first reflect on the 90’s, they think of the Nickelodeon channel, the rising of new technology, and the overwhelming world of fashion. This decennium is widely recognized for it’s up-and-coming alternative media and multiculturalism as well as the rise of grunge and hip-hop which were aided by the new technologies of cable television and the World Wide Web. Despite there being plenty of promising things that happened during the 90’s, there are also aspects that weren’t so favorable. The World Trade Center, Oklahoma City bombings aand the Rodney King verdict and L. A. riots are just some of the things that leave people to believe that the 90’s are anything but nostalgic. Although people born in
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