How The Era Is Remembered

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Within every decade there are peaks and valleys which define how the era is remembered. Each decade is remembered for different things, such as the 1900’s being remembered for the invention of the airplane and the beginning of silent movies. While the 1950’s remind people of recovering from war, a new symphonic style of music, and the launch of Sputnik 1, it also brings back memories of the Korean War, McCarthyism, and the beginning of decolonization in Asia and Africa. The 60 's are often recalled as being the era that the Cold War heated up along with John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the 70’s as the “hippie” decade. The positive and negative events of each decade leave some more memorable than others, a classic example of…show more content…
The 90’s are referred to as “the last great generation” due to the events that occurred in the 2000’s such as 9/11 and the overpowering advancement of technology. While the “adults” were wrapped up in the economy and political events that were occurring at this time, younger people were busy enjoying life as it was without worries. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 2000’s that they realized that life wasn’t so easy and that they did have things to worry about, making them want to go back to the 90’s where they remember life being far less complicated. The simplicity of life and ease of living for the youth during the 1990’s causes it to now be regarded as one of the most nostalgic eras in history by Generation Y, although somewhat unfavorable by older generations. As previously mentioned, each generation has both positive and negative aspects. The 90’s can be thought of as an amazing decade where life was simpler, the economy was booming, and the World Wide Web was taking off. However, some people could argue that the 90’s was full of racism, controversy, that brought on new waves of terrorism. While analyzing what could qualify the 1990’s as nostalgic, I found multiple events that both supported and argued my claim. Throughout the rise of multiculturalism came more acceptance within the African American
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