How The Expectations And Roles Of Fathers Throughout Canada And England

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Fatherhood in Canada and England
Alyssa Cisco
Fayetteville Technical Community College Abstract
In this paper, you will read about the expectations and roles of fathers in Canada and England. You will learn about the statistics of children that are fatherless or living with a lone parent father. You will also learn the definition of what a father’s role should be in his household. This paper helps the reader understand the importance of a father in his child’s life. Fatherhood in Canada and England Father is derived from the Latin word pater: a man who has engendered a child, a male parent, or a person who takes responsibility for protecting, caring, and rearing. It is only since the early 1980s that there has been a public and professional focus on the more effective use of the term father—to protect, care for, and nurture children (International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family). A father is the most important thing in a child’s life. They are there to help make their child the best they can be. A child’s relationship with their father could affect later relationships that come later on in their life until the day they die. A father should be a good role model to their child because most children model themselves after dad.
In 1995, it was estimated that there were 4,167,000 fathers with at least one child under the age of 18. In Canada, the average age of fathers ranged between 39 and 41. Thirty-nine percent of fathers had a child less…
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