How The Extracurricular Activities Can Be A Successful Future?

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Experience is beneficial in obtaining one’s goals, and the best way to ensure a successful future is by interacting with real life situations. In high school, teenagers have the opportunity to acquire and practice different types of working skills which will aid them in whatever situations they may encounter. Whether it is a physically demanding sport or a brain stumping math question, the obstacles presented in high school are meant to be a test that molds a teenager into an adult. Challenging academic courses and extracurricular activities are a way for young individuals to prepare themselves for their demanding future. Personally, I believe the structured activities and courses I am currently enrolled in are shaping me into a responsible and knowledgeable individual that will carry me through all aspects of my life. The extracurricular activities I currently take part in are dance Drill Team, Key Club, Science Olympiad, and Science National Honors Society. Drill Team is the most demanding and time consuming organization because it is a year round commitment. In Drill Team we participate in countless acts of volunteer work, entertain every audience, and apply our experiences in all situations. As a team member and Social Officer President on my high school drill team, I learn and gain people skills from the experiences I encounter. Being on a team of ninety five girls can get hectic and frustrating when trying to learn a new dance or accomplishing an activity, but working
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