How The First Steel-Sided School Bus (T) To The Carburetors

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In 1927, Albert Luce built the first steel sided school bus, Blue Bird No.1. The bus was built on top of a Model T truck frame and featured an inline 4 cylinder engine that cranked out 20 horsepower. The transmission was a two speed manual which drove a worm drive rear axle. This motor and transmission combination would power the bus down the road at a top speed of 40 MPH in the most ideal of conditions. The Model T truck gravity fed the gas from the tank (typically placed under the driver’s seat) to the carburetor. This system worked well unless you were to climb a steep hill which would cause you to run out of gas. The solution to this was to back up the hill to keep the tank higher than the carburetor. The bus itself weighed 3140 pounds

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