How The Five Members With Difference Talent Manage A Diverse Environment As My Team

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Managing Egalitarian Diversity can be defined as “an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities” (Merriam-Webster, 2014). In this paper, I will be discussing about how the five members with difference talents manage to work together to solve problems. In the first part, I will be providing team and personal cognitive styles and describe relationship of each member behavior. This will also helps understand strengths and weaknesses of the team. In the second part, I will be discussion how we work as a team in an egalitarian structure, communicate, brainstorm, and executes projects while maintaining good relationship in a team dynamic. The third part will be about conflict management styles. How my team resolves conflicts.…show more content…
In contrast, a perceiving person is open, flexible, and gets stimulated by deadlines. In the chart below contains each member cognitive styles which helps understand his/ her thought process this understand how each person manage work and interact in a group dynamic. First I want to discuss about team dominant traits, which are Extrovert, Intuition, Thinking, and Judging. Based definition given by Myers-Briggs, my team is driving organizer, Planner, Vision Focus, Decisive, Initiating, Conceptual, Strategic, Systematic, Assertive, Critical, Logical, Organized, with pursues improvement and achievement. (Myers-Briggs, 2014) Now that I have discussed about team cognitive styles, I also would like to compare with individual cognitive style with the team dominant traits. Start of with Elizabeth; she matches with our team traits. Second, myself, diagnosis shows I’m an “introvert”, quite and likes working alone. Third Rafael, his diverse trait is feeling; he’s sensitive to other feelings. Then Sanaur, he has the most unique cognitive styles. He only has one similarity to the team, which is being an “Extrovert”, the rest shows that he’s sensing, feeling, and perceiving types which means he is sensitive like Rafael but more flexible and get stimulate by deadlines. Last but not least, Vaishnavi, our tough girl in the team. Her diverse trait is sensing, meaning she is very good at follow directions, and detail oriented. Part Two: Team Process In the
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