How The Flexpath Program Aligns With Your Career Goals

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Explain how the FlexPath program aligns with your career goals.

• The FlexPath program aligns with my career goals of growth in the hotel sales department of MGM Resorts International. As an assistant of the following three individuals that hold these positions as Manager Executive Meeting Sales, Senior Manager National Meeting Sales and Manager Sales Systems/Reporting it is an essential part for me to have the same mind set as my managers to fulfill all required tasks. My goal is to become one of the Manager Executive Meeting Sales and with the addition of the Business Administration Curriculum I will be able to practice and apply the resources learned. The FlexPath program includes courses such as fundamentals of management, leadership, business law, supply chain management, marketing and sales, human resource management, organizational communication, accounting, and finance. Then there are specialized courses such as virtual team collaboration, leadership in organizations, organizational structure, leaning, and performance, operations management for competitive advantage, strategic planning and implementation, global business relationships, ethics and enterprise, change management, and a culminating business capstone project. The responsibilities of the Manager Executive Meeting Sales include responding to client’s inquiries whether through email or phone. Prepare and send Request for proposal(RFPs) to clients including catering menus, brochures, meeting room layout,
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