How The Four Learning Patterns And How We Use Them

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After taking the class Personal Dimensions of education, I’ve come to understand, there is not one set way to learn. Learning is the act of processing then applying information that we absorb from our surroundings. This means we are in a constant state of learning with everything we do. This class introduced me to the concept of the four learning patterns and how we use them. The Learning Connection Inventory Survey assessed our leaning tendencies how we use each pattern. Sequence responsible for order, planning and organization, Precision responsible for accuracy, detail, and information; Technical Reasoning responsible for problem solving, relevance and autonomy; and Confluence responsible for ideas uniqueness, and risk taking. We use these patterns to different degrees and or combinations. Each pattern is give a value three ranges of use; use first (25-35) as needed (18-24) an avoid (7-17). With purposeful effort we can tailor the way we use a particular pattern. In week one I defined learning as “when information is stored in your brain as fact vice suggestion.” I believe now that the brain storing information is just the inevitable end to the learning process. My LCI sores, S23 P31 TR22 C25, reveal that I am classified as a dynamic learner. Dynamic learners are at least one use first with the others various combo of as needed and avoid. As a dynamic learner I purposely switch between patterns to so suite learning situations. I use sequence to keep order in
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