How The French Presidential Elections Will Affect The Entire World

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How the French Presidential Elections will Affect the Entire World

After rejecting the two major political parties in the first round, the French voters will choose their new president. What will the election result mean for the world?

After the Brexit results in the UK and Trump’s election in the US, France is next to face the challenge of elections on May the 7th for their second round. Debating the subject is William Callanan, 45, an American citizen living in Britain for the last 15 years and partner at Keysquare Capital Management. He agreed in an interview to share his opinion on how the French elections will have a major impact across the world. But first, let’s meet the candidates.

Who are the candidates and what is their plan
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Callanan thinks Macron will align with Fillon on the centre right, making Le pen garner less votes, suggesting the first round’s outcome is an indication of what the ending bias will likely be.

Will a new president be the end of old politics in France? Just over a month after the new president will be elected, she/he will start building their coalition in the Assembly Nationale. “It will be a real challenge for both,” says Callanan as “a new party has never gained a majority.” He paused. “But Macron has a better chance than Le Pen.”

One important issue that the new president will need to address is on the national security, as terrorist attacks are at their peek right now in France. While Le Pen is focused on immigration, Macron is focused on adding 50,000 police and specialised training. When asked who will appeal more to the public, Callanan said“ people become more accustomed to these events and the shock effect is mitigated. Think of what it is like living in Beirut…”

Will Le Pen’s claim of deporting all foreigners suspected of a connection to radical Islamism make France safer? “Definitely not,” replied Mr. Callanan, “on the contrary, the anti-immigration and anti-Islam stance can be taken too far and be counter-productive.”

Le Pen has said that France should be “less naive” as it became a “jihadi university.” Will her presidency affect the relations with the Middle East? Which key policies should France pursue in the Middle

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