How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents Summary

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Due to an unique thing called natal homing, salmon return to their original freshwater birthplace to lay their eggs, though they spend most of their life in the ocean. They are organisms that originate from freshwaters and move to the ocean for most of their life while remembering from whence they came. They are similar to the Garcia family because they are both immigrants in a foreign land, trying to survive in a new place while still remembering where they came from. “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents” tells a story of how the Garcia Family, the main focus on the sisters, grow up and adjust to life in the United States of America, making itself distinct from other coming-of-age stories by telling the story in a unique way, reverse chronological order. In “How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents”, Julia Alvarez uses the anachronistic story line to show the perspective of an immigrant and to have the reader think like one. The unique storytelling method emphasizes the struggles and the difficulty of living as an immigrant in America in a realistic way.
The anachronistic writing style makes the story told as though someone was recalling the past. It is choppy and partially incomplete. There are many loose ends that only bring more questions. Also, as the story flows backwards, the narrative changes again and again, making piecing the stories of each individual character confusing and difficult. However, the choppiness and the random events make the story seem as though
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