How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents By Julia Alvarez

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“How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents”, by Julia Alvarez – Reading Response.
Although this novel has been a joy to read thus far, I had a lot of trouble writing this response because I was not exactly certain what I thought of it, and how it related to the topics being discussed in class. This may be attributed to the reverse chronological order in which the events of the novel are presented. However, the wonderful flashbacks that Julia Alvarez uses to spice-up the novel through dialogue between the characters and omniscient narration, helps to connect the past and future of the members of the Garcia family.
The immigration of the family into America proves to be a period where multiple liminal periods fuse together to complicate their once simple lives. The girls struggle to define themselves in the new world in which the find themselves. They did not have a religious upbringing, but were always being ordered to live life a certain way, without exactly knowing why. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia did the best they could in terms of how they viewed parenting, but their efforts always seemed to be in vain. Of the two parents, it is evident that Mami was the more understanding of the pair, maybe for the sole reason that she was a woman. Even the girls agreed that, “… [Papi] got a heavier dose [of the old world] than Mami” (65). Mami was more actively involved in the lives of her girls and supported them at everything they did, even though she sometimes felt differently about the
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