How The Garcia Lost Their Accents By Julia Alvarez

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Who am I? Who are we? Where do I belong? What is self identity? These are a few questions that people will ask themselves within their lifetime. Self identity is the way in which one person identifies themselves within a social environment. In How the Garcia Lost Their Accents by Julia Alvarez, we are able to see four girls who move from the Dominican Republic to the United States where they begin to lose their heritage and values of being Spanish women, and create new lives. When moving to a new country one recreates their identity through language, they endure the struggle of not fitting in, and they also become isolated from society. Four girls moving from their home, language became a vital role in their lives, in the United States. Having being exposed to both English and Spanish language it shows how both cultures are shown through their identity and the way in which they express themselves. The Garcia girls had an ideal picture of what an American mother would be, when they were not satisfied in the way Laura, their mother, acted or handle the her role as an “American” mother. The girls would blatantly called their mother “Mom” instead of “Mami”. According to Dastgoshadeh and Kaveh, students of Islamic Azad University, “Language is not only an instrument for communication but also related to a set of behavioral norms and cultural values of which one’s self identity is constructed. After learning a new language one’s perception of his or her competence,…
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