How The Ghana Is Influenced By African Art

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In this assignment we look at how the Benin is able to concept the uncivilised nature of African societies. We will also look at the relationship between the Benin Bronzes, as African art, rather than modern art in the west. We know that the Benin bronzes are known to be of ‘aesthetic’, ‘spiritual’ and ‘sentimental’ value due to its symbolic appraisal of civilisation. They are also one of the most sophisticated pieces of art.
When looking into the African heritage, we can note it has a vast impact on the modern art world - artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse sustain this. Artists in the 1920’s and 30’s were known to be influenced by African arts, they would experiment with adjoin effects after witnessing original African art in museums. Ironically, the Benin bronzes were not made in Africa, although certain effects are able give the impression that they were, such as the African-styled hair braiding on Plate 3.1.18. The Benin bronzes are also widely known in European societies, this in itself, is able to inform us of related core values within African art and modern western avant-garde.
Due to historic movement, we are unable to place a pin point on how avant-garde artist had came to convene non-western art, however, we do know that the French Painter Paul Gauguin (1946) had left Europe in the 1980’s in order to complete labour in Polynesia, his work included integrating exotic ornamentation and forms into his pictures. We also know that in 1905, Andre Derain,…
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