How The Global North And Global South Effects On Policing

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This essay will investigate how different environments of crime impact upon the policing of crime. It will examine urban and rural crime, and as well the global north and south. Firstly it will look at rural and urban crime with a focus on England, but as well other countries in the world. It will give a brief history overview over urban and rural police forces in England, this for the reason that it will provide a good background before telling about urban and rural policing as of now and as well because the first modern police department was established in London. This essay will then examine how the global north and global south effects on policing. It will examine the differences and how policing might affect differently in either the global north or the global south. This essay will as well go into organisations like Interpol, customs and different types of crime as corruption, white-collar etc. and how this affects the policing in the countries. In the end this essay will give a short overview over the main points in the essay.
HISTORY OF ENGLANDS POLICE FORCES One key difference between the urban and rural police forces in England, was that the urban forces were managed by local men who generally came from important families and as well with chief constables who often where sons of local aristocrats. However, in the rural police forces they organised the local elites who had the responsibility over the Watch Committees which chose who should lead the
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