How The Government Can Protect Water From Pollution

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How the Government Can Protect Water From Pollution For at least two millenniums, the water quality has been getting worse and reached such a high level of pollution that the use of water for different purposes is very limited and water can be harmful to humans. Water is the source of life of all organisms and the foundation of human civilization. However, no matter how painful it is to talk about, people are extremely wasteful with water resources of the Earth and pollute it. Every year, up to 400 billion cubic meters of wastewater is discharged into rivers, seas and lakes of the world. As a result, that 5500 billion cubic meters of water on the planet is now in a contaminated condition. This figure is more than 14% of the total water resources of the world. ( Pakzadeh, 2015) Water pollution is one of the biggest problem of humanity. People pollute the water and thus reduce the clean water sources causing health problems for people, destroying natural beauty and ultimately bringing down the economic system to make life more pathetic. The solution to the water pollution problem in the world is especially in the development of a legislative base, which would allow the government to protect the environment from the harmful anthropogenic effects, as well as finding ways to implement these laws in practice At present, pollution of water resources has become an invisible enemy of human health. The studies of the World Health Organization shows that 80% of all diseases in the
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