How The Hijab And Factors That May Influence A Teenager

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The genre for this piece of writing is column writing. My intended audience is young adults who are interested in gaining an insider’s perspective into what goes on in the mind of a hijab-wearer in today’s society. The purpose of this piece is to explore different aspects of the hijab and factors that may influence a teenager to wear it. The idea I am developing is how different factors have influenced my journey with wearing the hijab. Language features I will use to create effects include: alliteration, simile, personification, rhetorical question and rhyming.

A story of my internal struggles with intentions, choices and the hijab
“Why do you wear that?” A simple question, that when asked by a girl in class the other day, caused me to pause, and contemplate. Maths class was not the time or place to have an internal crisis about my intentions! So as usual, I blurted out, “I have to – it’s part of my faith”. But that isn’t exactly the whole truth. True, I cover my hair partly because I feel obliged to as a Muslim. But beyond that, I do it because... in all honesty, I don 't know. Is it out of habit? Modesty? Guilt? Maybe it 's all of these things. Maybe it 's none. I 'm writing this in selfish hope that I 'll be able to find my own answers to those nagging questions that live inside my head and threaten to show themselves at moments when I least expect them - on the bus going to school, in the middle of cleaning my room, during the

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