How The Holocaust : The Idea Of Man

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I was given what some would argue, the easy task of examining how the Holocaust "destructed" the "idea of man." I say that some would call this job easy because one could simply compare and contrast a man before the Holocaust and after the Holocaust and say that these differences are how the Holocaust disassembled the idea of man. However, simply comparing and contrasting someone before and after the Holocaust does not account for what happened during the holocaust that would destroy them, Which means that I must dive in deeper than just that and look closely at a slew of things to get the real answer to my question. However before I can answer that question I must respond to the question of what is a man. Then I must respond to the question of what is “the idea of man” Any dictionary would tell you that a man is either an adult human male or human being regardless of gender. Nonetheless, that does not answer my question because if that is a man then what is the idea of man? Now given that the text that we are read for this class has not solely been written by men then I must look past the definition that a man is an adult human male. Furthermore, I must look at the fact that the term man must represent humans as a whole. If that is true, then the idea of man is the idea of humans, in the only thing that separates man from beast is our ability to feel, show compassion, empathy, and build lasting relationships. Consequently, if the Holocaust disassembled the idea of man it
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