How The Ideas Of Writing And What Are Raters Sensitive?

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How to organize the ideas in writing and what are raters sensitive to?

Whether foreign language writing tests are rated by analytic scales, the organization of ideas is one of the aspects that are always assessed. It is important to know which values do raters care more highly, the physical aspects of organization like paragraphing and markers or deeper textual aspects for instance coherence of ideas. This study has tried to investigate when raters assigning a score for organization whether they value paragraphing and cohesive devices or coherence. This study tries to ascertain what raters were more sensitive when rating writing for organization rating scale. By evaluating the number of cohesive devices, number of paragraphs and
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Writing assessment started as a classroom practice during the 20th century. During 1930s, College Board changed from using direct writing assessment to indirect form since the tests were cost-effective and they were believed to be more reliable. By 1950, more students with different background attended colleges and universities therefore administrators used standard testing to decide how to place students and what and how to teach them. As more students were placed in courses according to their standardized testing score, teachers started to notice a conflict between what students were tested and what teachers taught actually. Because of this difference educators started writing assessments that were designed in the programmatic and classroom levels. Therefore establishing methods of assessment started (Behzad, Nadia & George, 2011).
It should be noted that the fair and equitable use of writing assessment is so important because it is mostly used to make prominent decisions about students or examinees. Writing assessment that is used for making decisions about educational conditions should provide equal opportunities for students or examinees to know about rules, expectations and purposes of this assessment. If examinees don’t have sources or criteria to evaluate or judge their writing, then that assessment can be count unfair. Having valid writing assessment evaluation is a technical and complex activity. Assessment requires a validation inquiry about theoretical
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