How The Ideology Of Patients Centered Care Essay

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1. Introduction
a. Although for many years the term “patient-centered” has existed, the U.S. Health System still practices in a way of an interdisciplinary team working around an individual patient.
b. This article explores how the ideology of patients centered care came to be, and how it should ideally look in practice.
II. Background
a. Dr. Donald Berwick is a medical provider and author who describes the current healthcare system as one of “power over reason, respect and even logic in order to serve it’s needs and not the patients”
b. In 1998, the Journal of American Medical Association contemplated a way to correlate health services from professional knowledge sources (HCPs) to increase individual and community health outcomes. Terminology such as “partnership”, “sharing”, or even the ideology of, “the customer is always right” were brought forth. The focus group committee established the term “patient-centeredness”.
c. Several opposing views existed such as patient’s may have unreasonable demands or that some patients would not want, or know how to have, control over their health.
d. Some argued that this was also not necessary because of:
i. Altruism-a philosophy that HCPs are bestowed the duty to provide the best care for their patients over all else. ii. Expertise- HCPs are the ones who hold the technical knowledge given their training and education iii. Self- Regulation- the notion the HCPs will hold each other accountable
III. Berwick’s definition of Patient
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