How The Improper Meal And Rest Breaks Employees Receive At A Restaurant

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Introduction This report investigates the improper meal and rest breaks employees receive at a restaurant located in Burbank called PortuCal Peri Peri. Current Workplace Meal and Rest Break Policy The meal and rest break policy that management has set for the employees at PortuCal Peri Peri is legally incorrect. The current policy at this workplace states that if the employee works more than six hours he or she is allowed to have one unpaid 30 minute break. Also, after the first three hours the employee has worked they are allowed one paid 10 minute break, but cannot leave the workplace. Therefore, if the employee as works an eight hour shift, they are allowed one 30 minute and one 10 minute break. Usually, the manager will not schedule an employee to work over 8 hours in a workday. Current Legal Meal and Rest Break Policy The current policy for meal and rest breaks under California law states that if an employee works more than 5 hours in a workday, he or she is entitled to a meal break of at least 30 minutes. Also, for every 4 hours you work, you must receive a 10 minute break. So, if you work an eight hour shift you are entitled to have one 30 minute break and two 10 minute breaks. By law, if your boss does not comply with the break policies, they must pay the employee one extra hour of regular pay for each day a break violation occurs ("What Break Periods Am I Entitled To? | California Labor and Employment Law", 2014). Importance of Meal Breaks Often times,
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