How The Income Levels And Wealth Of Members Of Congress

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Congressional Members by Income
My topic is the evaluation of how the income levels and wealth of members of Congress affects the bias of voting history and influences members to vote certain ways. I will be gathering data on members of Congress’ wealth and voting history. This topic is relevant because it will either prove that there is a correlation between the net worth of a Congressman and how if anything do his assets affect his voting (i.e. do subsidies influence voting records?).
The hypothesis I’m presenting is if the majority of the members of Congress are wealthy (net worth of $1 million), then they will not be able to relate to the people they serve. I selected the $1 million mark because according to NPR’s Jacob Goldstein (2011), one out of every 400 households makes over $1 million USD per year, but one in every fifteen households in the U.S. makes more than $1 million per year. I wanted to use a threshold that was achievable, but would show the reality of the American economic status of people of average income and assets. Since $1 million is not worth what it used to be, $1 million seemed an achievable hope for most Americans, yet it still divides the rich from the middle class.
I selected this topic because I believe that our founding fathers intended to create a Congress which was fair and unbiased for all people when they convened The Constitutional Convention in 1787 ( I also want to know what kinds of voting habits…
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